Kosun Machinery, Shield mud treatment expert !

In 1992- KOSUN was established by Mr. Geng Zhonghou in Xi’an China.

In 1997- The first high-frequency shale shaker in China was design and manufactured by KOSUN. Designer: Geng Zhonghou, Gong Weian

In 2000- The first vacuum degasser in China was design and manufactured by KOSUN. Designer: Geng Zhonghou

In 2003- The first set of HDD mud recovery system in China was design and manufactured by KOSUN, which was used in the Nile Crossing Project in Sudan.

In 2006- KOSUN participated in the first independent R&D and design of four sets of offshore modular drilling rigs (PEMEX Project in Gulf of Mexico) and provided four sets of solids control systems designed and manufactured by KOSUN. This is the first time for China to break the monopoly of European and American equipment on American offshore drilling market.

In 2007- The first set of polar low-temperature solids control system in China was design and manufactured by KOSUN and was exported to Russia. User: Russia PNG Group

In 2009- Kazakhstan Kosun Services Company was established in the Republic of Kazakhstan and KOSUN achieved the first service income.

In 2010- KOSUN established an equipment production factory in Kazakhstan, which became the first system general assembly manufacturing enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and KOSUN became the first enterprise in environmental solid-liquid separation industry in China that built a factory abroad.

In 2010- KOSUN first put forward the concept of mud zero discharge at CIPPE Beijing in China.

In 2012- KOSUN completed the design and manufacturing of all series of centrifuges with a large length-diameter ratio and provided the products for SkyPeople Fruit Juice Group, which marked the entrance of KOSUN products into the food processing industry.

In 2013- The vertical centrifuge (dryer) with the largest single capacity in China was designed and manufactured by KOSUN and was launched on the market.

The first vertical centrifuge was formally used in the West Block of the Sahara Desert in Algeria, North Africa.

In 2014- Xi’an Science Technology Bureau awarded KOSUN: Little Giant of Science and Technology Enterprise, Xi’an Waste Management Research Center.

In 2015- The first set of solids control system, which was generally designed by KOSUN and was jointly manufactured by China and Russia, was put into service in Izhevsk, Russia.

In 2015- KOSUN passed the supplier audit of Halliburton, a company listed in Global 500, and became the only Chinese enterprise that could provide Halliburton with shaker screens.
In 2015- Xi’an Science Technology Bureau awarded KOSUN: Xi’an Industry Leader Enterprise.

In 2016- The first set of integrated treatment system of water-base and oil-base mud in China was designed and manufactured by KOSUN and was used in a Sichuan-Chonqing Project.



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