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Large Slurry Balance Shield 

Slurry balance shield mud treatment system is an essential part in the mechanized tunneling construction, which can effectively handle the excavated materials in the mud to meet the standard requirements for repeated usage.

Slurry balance shield mud treatment system is an essential part in the mechanized tunneling construction.

Bentonite slurry plays an important role in the shield construction. With the mud pressure, it would form a mud film or infiltration area on the surface of the excavation and enhance the soil strength on the excavation surface. The mud pressure would also balance the earth pressure on excavation surface, to achieve the stability of the excavation surface. The bentonite slurry can also carry the excavated soil out of the working well. The mud property controlling is one of the most important parts in mud balance shield construction project.



KOSUN slurry treatment system for large slurry balance shield can be effectively used in the following construction applications:

1. Mud grab engineering for retaining pile and diaphragm wall 

2. Deep drilling

3. Tunneling

4. Aggregate processing

5. Mining industry

KOSUN slurry treatment system for large slurry balance shield mainly consists of scalping shaker, primary shaker, desander, desilter, etc., which can effectively remove excavated materials generated in construction process from the bentonite slurry, to keep the slurry property meeting the requirements for recycling.


1. Modular design. Compact structure and easy to disassemble and transport

2. Good process flow. The modular design not only makes the structure layout reasonable, but also optimizes the process flow.

3. User-friendly design. The system is simple in structure and light in weight. Foldable or detachable guardrail and walkways for easy installation and removal

4. Rainproof and dustproof electrical system to ensure construction safety and quality

With the design concept of “MORE THAN CUSTOMIZED” and oriented to customer demands, KOSUN designs and manufactures slurry treatment system for large slurry balance shield based on customers’ requirements, which is mainly used for large construction projects, with high mud capacity. Now, KD-1000, KD-1500, KD-2000 and KD-3000 models are all available.

KD-500 model works as the basic unit for KOSUN KD-1000, KD-1500, KD-2000 and KD-3000 to form the large mud treatment system by reasonable and orderly combination. This KD-500 slurry treatment system is of modular design and structure. The large treatment system that combined with KD-500 unit is convenient for installation, disassembly and transportation.

KD-500 system consists of scalping shaker module and two sets of desanding modules. Equipped with coarse-mesh screens, the scalping shaker module is used to remove large particles, and the desanding module is equipped with a desander and a primary shaker.

The mud falls into the collecting box via scalping shaker, and then is divided into two sets of desanding modules through two connecting pipes. Each desanding module is equipped with a desander for sand removal from the mud. After two staged treatment, the recycling effect can be achieved.


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