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Brief Introduction

Engineering waste mud zero discharge treatment system can carry out a deep treatment to engineering wastes and make these wastes achieve the effect of zero discharge.

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Detailed Description

Engineering waste mud zero discharge treatment system is a kind of treatment system that is designed and developed to treat waste mud in common construction projects and make waste mud achieve the effect of zero discharge.

The system mainly consists of dewatering high-speed VFD centrifuge, dewatering medium-speed centrifuge, integrated dosing device, etc. According to the properties of engineering waste mud, add a certain amount of chemicals into waste mud, stir the mixture and then flocculate it. The waste mud is pumped to high-speed VFD centrifuge for dewatering. High-speed centrifuge can separate ultrafine particles and even make liquid up to the state of clear water. The separated water can be recycled for the circulation system. The medium-speed centrifuge in the system is used to retrieve barite.

KOSUN engineering waste mud zero discharge treatment system can achieve the zero discharge and recycling of mud, which greatly reduce waste discharge and decrease operating costs.

Vertical dryer is widely and effectively applied to engineering waste mud zero discharge treatment. As one kind of the filtering centrifuge, vertical dryer can separate solid from liquid on a large scale and effectively reduce oil and water contents in discharged drill cuttings, which has an obvious advantage in increasingly strict environmental requirements.


KOSUN engineering waste mud zero discharge treatment system can be effectively used in the following construction applications:

1. Mud grab engineering for retaining pile and diaphragm wall 

2. HDD mud treatment

3. Shield slurry treatment

4. Tunneling

5. Aggregate processing

6. Tailing disposal

System Benefits:

1. With strong maneuverability and miniaturization assembling, and be convenient for actual removal.

2. With preferable technological process. Strengthening solid-liquid separation serves as a breakthrough, meeting the requirements on dewatering treatment.

3. Rainproof and dustproof electrical system to ensure construction safety and quality.

Advantages of Vertical Centrifuge:

1. With high efficiency, it can rapidly treat large amounts of wastes and effectively meet the rapid treatment of engineering waste mud.

2. With high recovery rate and low discharge, vertical dryer can reduce the liquid content to a fairly low level, recycle more mud and minimize the pollution.

3. With wear resistance and corrosion protection, the bowl of vertical cuttings dryer is made of alloy material that can effectively resist wear and corrosion. Interchangeable tungsten carbide rotor blades and gearbox avoid excessive corrosion and reduce the failure of main components.

With the design concept of “MORE THAN CUSTOMIZED” and oriented to customer demands, KOSUN designs and manufactures engineering waste mud zero discharge treatment system based on customers’ requirements.

Now, KOSUN vertical dryer covers the following common models: VC-2000, VC-1000 and VC-800.

Process Flow Chart of Engineering Waste Mud Zero Discharge Treatment System:



Integrated dosing device


Medium-speed centrifuge

Liquid tank

Liquid to be treated

Cuttings collecting box

VFD centrifuge

Liquid discharged to a designated site


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